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They say it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved before. Baloney! Kayla’s loved and lost. Three times! Giving up, she made the stupidest mistake of her life—a brief engagement to the wrong man. 

Kayla has never been normal. Her first foray into love was with two rising stars in the hockey world. Kris and Ryan promised her the world and then disappeared. Her shattered heart found solace with her baby sister’s neonatologist, Adam, who stitched her heart together only to break it along new lines.

After dissolving a loveless engagement, Kayla retreated to lick her wounds, but even that is interrupted.

An untimely death and a debt to pay has Kayla returning to the fold of her first loves. But the surprise appearance of Adam turns her disastrous life upside down. 

Six years apart has done nothing to cool the flames between her and any of the three. How can she possibly choose? Or will the choice be made for her? Will Kris, Ryan, and Adam pull her in separate directions or will they become a team to keep her in their lives.

The only way to keep the pressure on is by changing on the fly. 


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An anthology of erotic RH one shots and shorts containing my story Cherry Picking. 

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You always remember your first love or in the case of Kayla, first loves.

Heavily sheltered by a strict stepmother, all Kayla knows is loss. So, when the two boys she crushes on reciprocate, it should lead to the best time of her life.

This is the prequel story to Changing On The Fly. Read how they all first met. 

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