Junior “Eh”


Everyone leaves! It’s all Kayla has ever known. So when things finally go right, she can’t believe her good fortune. 

Her step-mother kept her from forming relationships with her peers, but that’s not the case during her summers with Aunt Susan. Not when the next door neighbours’ have three hockey playing sons and one almost son who are Kayla’s bridge out of her sheltered world. But if she were to give in to her stupid crush on two of them, she knows the bridge could disappear leaving her all alone.

Her seventeenth summer should have been the best. Time with Aunt Susan, the two guys with whom her crushes have materialized, and the beginning of her senior year. But true to form…everyone leaves, including Kayla.

An emergency phone call rips Kayla from her aunt’s house, and drops her into an experience she’s woefully unprepared for. And to top it off, she’s nursing a broken heart. 

Surrounded by doctors, maybe one will be able to heal her. But only if her curse remains away.

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This is the book 1 or the prequel book to the Red Line Series. Kayla, Kris, Ryan, and Adam’s story is continued in Changing On The Fly, Red Line Book 2.

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